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Maturity model

A modern and complete
data-driven maturity model

The fiveten maturity platform is built around a state of the art data-driven maturity model. The model is built on the theory and practices of leading organizations. The model consists of the 5 stages and 10 dimensions of the data & analytics maturity. In addition to the technical dimensions of data maturity, the model also includes the cultural dimensions necessary to become a truly data-driven organisation.


A quick, quantitative, and accessible maturity assessment

Do not longer rely on slow and expensive interviews to gauge organizational maturity. The data-driven maturity assessment accompanying the maturity model is a quick and accessible self-assessment. Use the quantitative outcome to drive and control a successful transformation.

Skill focusSelect the statement that best describes the current state of your organization
We have not started any analytical efforts.
Our focus is on describing; what happened?
Our focus is on diagnosing; why did it happen?
Our focus is on predicting; what will happen?
Our focus is on prescribing; how will we make it happen?
Our focus is on innovating; what can we make happen?

A complete view of your
data-driven organization

The personalized data-driven maturity report positions the organization on the maturity model and compiles tailored advice and best practices for every dimension for every stage of the maturity model. The advice in the report provides a blueprint for a strategic plan.
data: 4.2
metrics: 3.5
skills: 4.3
technology: 3.7
leadership: 3.5
culture: 4
strategy: 3.5
agility: 3.8
integration: 3.5
empowerment: 3.5

Measure and control your
digital transformation

Transform your organization to meet the demands of the digital age. Turn your analytical competence into a competitive advantage. The fiveten data-driven maturity platform allows you to control your transformation by making it measurable and actionable.
Maturity Score
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